Editor’s Choice - Best Of The Month for October, 2010. 


The CD includes music from Hook, composed by John Williams; Dances with Wolves, John Barry; Charlotte's Web, Danny Elfman; Sleeping with the Enemy and Rudy by Jerry Goldsmith.


Also on the CD, Le Papillon, by David Rose, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn composed by Laurence Rosenthal and Short Stories by Ronald Royer including, Siren's Song for alto flute, Rather Blue for bass flute, The Chase for Flute and Child's Play for Piccolo.    Read the News Release


In the very front rank among the world’s great flutists”

Composer John Williams

Recognized by the

National Academy of Recording Arts and Science

Most Valuable Player   - 1975, 1976, 1977, & 1998

Emeritus Award - 1980

Louise DiTullio is one of the most widely heard flutists today, with over four decades of recording in Hollywood while maintaining a career in classical music. Born into a musical family, she joined the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 19. She has held the Principal Flute position in several orchestras and performed as a soloist throughout the world. Ms. DiTullio’s recording career includes, classical recordings as well as flute music for over 1100 motion pictures.

“DiTullio’s playing is simply magical and one quickly hears why so many of Hollywood’s finest composers turned and continue to turn to her to interpret their music. ...Easily one of the best film music compilations this year!“

Steven A. Kennedy - AmericanMusicPreservation.com

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